The Beginning

The Cambodia Rural School Project began in 2007 in three Ridgewood, New Jersey schools. It was conceived as a student-driven program to fund construction of a school in a rural Cambodian village and nurture ongoing, cross-cultural relationships. The concept was brought to the Ridgewood, New Jersey school district by two parents and the district approved the project.

Raising Money

With guidance from a combination of parents, teachers and administrators, students of all ages took responsibility for planning and executing fundraising events, designing promotional materials and making presentations to school and community audiences. Students raised more than $21,000 in the first year to build, staff and supply the school.

Building The School

On February 17, 2009, a contingent of Ridgewood adults and students were honored guests at the formal dedication of the Ridgewood Village School in Kandal Province, Cambodia; our sister school, educating 13-17 year olds, was officially open.

Ridgewood Students

Here in Ridgewood, the Cambodia Rural School Project has seen an increase in the number of participating students. To date, Ridgewood students have raised more than $70,000 to build and enhance the Ridgewood Village School in Cambodia. Contingents of Ridgewood adults and students visit the Ridgewood Village School each year.